With five modules as the core, including Strategic, Planning, Personnel management, Process management, Platform(technology & environment) and Performance & data, and containing related and useful concepts & applications in other international standards (including ISO, CSP, SSE), 4PS Contact Center International Standard is compiled by 20 experts with their practical experience, including managers from Top 500 enterprises and large-scale global contact centers, and leaders from industry association.

At present, 4PS Contact Center International Standard is supported by National Software and Integrated Circuit Public Service Platform, Ministry of Industry and Information, China Contact Center & BPO AssociationCNCBAand 51Callcenter, these three organizations have leading experts and consultants in the operation and management of customer service center.

4PS Contact Center International Standard authentication system is divided into 5 classes, i.e., L1 application-level, L2 application levelL3 application level, L4 profession-level and L5 benchmark-level.

Based on 180 assessment points and 5 dimensions, including strategic planning, personnel management, process management, technology & environment platform and data & performance.

It conducts 360-degree evaluation on a contact center for final review and authentication in order to find out the deficiency in the operation of the contact center, and take measures to help the contact center continuously improve the ability of operation management.

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